Michal Stankoviansky

Freelance Web Developer

JavaScript / jQuery / ASP.NET / PHP / Node.js

Hi! I'm Michal, nice to meet you.

I'm a Freelance Web Developer. Web development has been my passion since 1999.

I have always been mostly a front-end developer. I am working to improve my JavaScript skills as much as possible. There's still so much to learn.

I enjoy any kind of programming, though. In my day-to-day work, I practice ASP.NET and C#/VB.NET extensively. In my free time, I love to learn about both .NET as well as Node.js, when I work on my side projects.

Besides programming, I enjoy travelling with my wife Katarina and our friends — preferably to Spain, which is our favorite destination. I also love running, cycling, swimming, and listening to some music. Doing two of these activities at the same time is even better — they're not all compatible with each other, though.


Some of my side projects include:

  • Over.sk ‐ quickly check the availability of any .sk (Slovak) domain. The domain database is updated daily.
  • Metallica Setlists ‐ all available setlists from all the shows of the band Metallica.
  • Metallica.sk ‐ used to be a thriving community of Metallica fans from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Started in 1999, I killed this project on December 21, 2012 — after 13 years of life.
  • Hide YouTube Comments ‐ Chrome extension with ~250,000 users that hides all user comments on YouTube, so you can get some work done
  • ...more coming soon ‐ I'm just getting started! :-)

My favorite articles

Whether I'm travelling, eating or staying up late with my son, I always try to read as much as I can. Here are some of my most favorite articles: